About Us

Gwanyan is a small business owner and machinist, living and working in Delaware. Over the last 5 years, she has designed and created her own line of handmade jewelry in house using gold plated/filled copper and brass charms. She draws inspiration from the African diaspora and successfully fuses handcraftmanship, for which she has a deep affection, with materials and technology.

Today, Gwanyan travels nationwide to share her creations with others and represent her product line, Kpelle.Designs. Gwanyan is an inspiration to individuals who want to embrace their culture. She has used her influence to encourage others to “Embellish themselves in Culture!”

Mission Statement: Our goal is to create jewelry for women to feel inspired, empowered, and educated on the power of the culture when they wear it. Additionally, Kpelle.Designs jewelry is a form of self-expression accompanied with her love for culture.